Swaledale Runners

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Here is the current schedule for those who like to take part in structured training. 

Fell championship

If you were at last night's AGM you will know that we now have two club championships, the road championship and the new fell championship, organised by Jim Coldwell.  Details of all the races can be seen above under 'competitions'. You don't have to be an experineced fell runner to join in - there is something for everybody. Why not give fell running a go this year?

Club championship 2015

Age-graded results for the first three races have been posted. See above under 'competitions'. The next event is the Mermaid 10K on April 3rd.

Mid-week league

It is not too late to get your number for the 2015 series. There will however be no entries on the day. Numbers cost £10 and cover all 5 races. This year's first race is at Harrogate on the 5th May. A full run down of the venues and dates can be found under "race diary".

Time trial potsponed

Tonight's planned time trial has been postponed because of the icy conditions. Please spread the word.

‘A Foot in Two Dales’: A Fifty Mile Journey

01-Start-of-Shunner-FellI had been thinking about trying to run 50 miles for some time, but couldn't find a race at the right time, the right place or at the right price! When Sarah Hackett expressed an interest in doing the same thing, I dusted off some old route notes and started planning in earnest. A couple of years ago I had discovered a walker's route on the Long Distance Walkers Association website which made a circuit of Swaledale and Wensleydale and I had recced it all over time. I checked out a couple of sections that I couldn't remember clearly and we were good to go. Neil Bowmer was booked as our support vehicle driver, doubling up as cook and tea maker and we enlisted the help of Richard Gale and Liz Sowter to accompany us over two of the more remote sections, just in case of any difficulties.

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Structured training

Many of us have enjoyed Jackie's strength and conditioning sessions on Thursdays throughout the winter. The last of these will take place on January 22nd and the following week a new training cycle begins. Jess Young has planned a 14 week programme leading up to the Tees Barrage 10K on May 4th. Runners of all abilities are welcome to join in, whether or not you plan to take part in that particular race. Even if you have no intention of racing at all, feel free to come along and see how you can improve over the weeks. Here is the complete programme. Just turn up to the Richmond clubhouse at the  usual time on a Thursday. 

Running in the Sun 2015: Part 1

San Silvestre Races

01-before-PegoEach year, Spanish town councils encourage their populations to run by putting on short races around their town centres, which only cost a few euros to enter. This allows runners to race just about every day over the festive period by travelling to nearby towns. Neil and I managed to run the last two of these races, in Altea (the day after arriving in Spain!) and in Pego on New Year's Eve.

At just 4 km, the Altea San Silvestre is possibly the shortest distance I have raced since my schooldays. Starting in the main square after dark, the route dropped down to the harbour before02-post-Pego climbing in three sharp hills up to the church. It then went round some back streets before a long straight road to the finish line back in the main square. The race is just a mad thrash, there is no point in trying to pace yourself, the only option is to run as hard as you can then collapse over the finish line. Not my style of running at all! I had Jess's voice in my ear as I attacked the hills ('pockets to sockets', 'head up', 'drive on') and I even managed to win a 'sprint' to the line with a fellow competitor, so all in all I was pleased with my first foray into Spanish racing. The winner, Juan Fernandez Cantos, crossed the line in 12.35. Neil Bowmer finished in 15.08, 37th/272, 5th Veterano B and I came in at a slightly more sedate 19.07, 139/272, 5th Veterana B.

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Beginners' group

Congratulations to all our 'beginners' who joined us in February and are doing so well.  If you know anyone else who might be interested in coming along, please e-mail Jess - they can join us at any time.