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Predictor Run

Predictor Run
There was another good turn out for the Predictor Run on Thursday 24th Nov. A relaxed approached was taken by all runners on the night! Many were still recovering from the Wensleydale Wedge the previous weekend. Julia Spittle travelled all the way from Northallerton to join us; that's dedication! Martin Randall was first to finish in a very comfortable time of 33.30. Julia Snape was closest to her predicted time, finishing 14 secs below her prediction. Michelle Bray, a new runner to the club, had a great run. She surprised herself by finishing 12 mins 19 secs below her predicted time.
Our next run takes place on Dec 22nd. I look forward to a great turn out in Santa hats and tinsel! Meet at the clubhouse at 6.30 to sign up.

Xmas do - reminder

Don't forget the Xmas do and presentation night this Friday, December 2nd. 6.30 for 7.00, Richmond rugby club.

Predictor run

As part of of our Winter training sessions this year, the first Predictor Run took place on Thursday 27th October. There was great turn out of 19 runners who aimed to predict their time over a 3 mile, or 4 mile run around town. Martin Randall was first to finish in a time of 28.16 But the runner closest to their predicted time was Jo Caislay who was only 21 secs out with Ros Blackmore close behind, 24 sec out Robbie Kelly seemed to somewhat misjudge how long it would take to complete the course and finished 7mins 57sec quicker than his predicted time!!! Am sure he will be a bit closer next time.
Next Predictor Run will be on Thurs 24 Nov; meet at clubhouse at 6.30 to sign up.
 Marian Hunter

Marshals for 10K


Could all those who are marshalling at the Richmond Castle 10k this Sunday be at the Town Hall for the marshals' briefing at 9.30am, please? If you're aware of anyone who is helping who may not see the club website or FB posts, please pass the message on. See you there!
Thank you.


Updated results

The results have been updated for the road and fell championships: see under competitions above. If there are any errors or omissions in the road championship please e-mail Liz.  

Subs due

Don't forget that subs are now due: for further details see under membership above. 

AGM 2016

The 2016 will take place on Tuesday April 12th at 19.00 in the SOC clubhouse, Richmond. The agenda can be seen in the Members Only area, under Notices.If you are a member but have not yet requested a password, please e-mail Liz.

Running in the Sun: February 2016

Sunday 7th February 2016
The Mitja Marato de Oliva is the flattest half marathon in existence, but it is not without its challenges, namely it can be either very hot or very windy. This year it managed to combine both and was very hot and very windy!
I was surprised when I realised that I hadn’t done a road race for a year, so I had low expectations of this race. My sole aim was to run at about 5.30 minute kilometre pace, to see if I could keep up some consistency, something that can be difficult in off road and ultra-running. As it is a two lap race, it’s quite easy to monitor progress too.
As I set off around the streets of Oliva I could feel the temperature rising. By the time I reached the quiet roads around the orange groves on the edge of town I was frying. However, once I reached the sea front and turned to run along it, the wind made itself felt and for the rest of the lap I had to work really hard to keep to my planned pace in the strong headwind.
There is also a Quarter Marathon going on at the same time, finishing after the first lap, so it is important not to get caught up with the Quarter Marathoners as the temptation is to increase speed as they start tearing past. It’s a much lonelier road once the Quarter Marathoners have been funnelled off to their finish line, but it was back into the hot lanes again. I was aware of some strong gusts of wind, but wasn’t prepared for how much the wind speed had increased as I turned along the sea front. From about Km 16 it was gruelling, not just coping with the head wind, but also sudden, strong gusts funnelling down the side streets. I worked hard though, managing to pass a few runners who were also struggling. I managed a strong last kilometre and sprinted for the line, relieved to be able to stop fighting the wind at last.

The post-race refreshments were absolutely perfect for the conditions; a slice of melon, half a cup of lemon slush puppy and a cold beer! And if that weren’t enough there was an extremely generous goody bag which was so impressive for a low cost race that I feel compelled to list the contents! The bag itself was a good quality shopping bag and contained:
A quality long sleeved technical t-shirt, a buff, a bag of oranges, a carton of fruit juice, a bottle of water, a carton of soup, a cake, a packet of bread sticks, a packet of nuts, post-race muscle rub and a running magazine. Cheers Oliva!
I ran slightly faster than my goal, but managed to retain the consistency I was after (averaging 5.19 per km), finishing in 1:52.18, 7th Veterana C, 257/393. Neil, battling with two painful feet this time, finished in 1:40.06, 24th Veterano C, 145/393. Just to prove how fast a course it can be, Estaban Perales Montesinos produced a winning time of 1:11.18!

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